Friday, January 13, 2012

Welcoming Home

After 3 days in San Fran, Bryce and I went home (for me) to Pittsburgh. Our flight got in fairly late and Mom had some delicious comfort foods to welcome us home with: "Indy" chicken, which got its name because it is good cold and was our go-to meal for long road trips to Indianapolis, and homemade Italian wedding soup in my favorite Santa mug/bowl! What says welcome home more than homemade food from Mama and Christmas decor? That's right... nothing!

Well... maybe your best friend's adorable and happy baby! Meet Brody. I met him in July when I was home and he was 3 weeks old. He's much more fun now :)

I suppose a trip to a favorite restaurant would be welcoming, too. Enter Piper's Pub, my fav spot in the South Side of Pittsburgh. Here's a red pepper dip that everyone else loved and I didn't even try, damn you peppers!

My Mom's all time favorite menu item there - portobello mushroom stack.

Dad got salmon and didn't eat any of his green beans!

Bryce had a salmon BLT with dill mayo, what a good idea!

I got a totally weird craving for shrimp and got shrimp cocktail with these huge guys and soup. This wasn't the soup I ordered, but they brought me the correct one and I liked the first one best!

Mom's cooking, sweet babies and best friends, and my favorite restaurant with my parents and new fiance - what more of a welcoming could you ask for?

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