Monday, January 30, 2012

Marissa's Despicable Me Birthday Party

I am the very proud Godmother to Marissa Jo, who turned 5 last month. When she was born in 2006 I got a picture message while in class and immediately cried my eyes out! How awkward is that in a lecture? 

Just a few months after she was born, I became her Godmother. Despite the college-face-pudge, this is one of my favorite photos of all time.

Rissa's birthday is in December so every year when I'm home for Christmas I throw her a party! You may remember her strawberry short cake party last year, if you've been sticking around that long.

Marissa's current favorite movie is Despicable Me (favorite part of the whole movie is in that clip - "KNOCKED OVVVVVVVER"), which I also love. Thanks to Pinterest I was able to get many creative ideas for her b-day bash!

I made this really cute sign, in minon colors!

I hung the sign near the minon bowling alley! With a little help from my Dad & Bryce, these went from 2 liters of pop (yes pop, not soda!) to adorable little bowling pins. Can you see our golden, Forrest in the background? He kept fetching the "bowling" ball when the kids tried to play! 

Instead of cake we had minon cupcakes made with twinkies! When was the last time you had a twinkie? They're still as greasy and oddly delicious as I remembered. I made the chocolate cupcakes from scratch but couldn't pass up the blue icing in a can for easily applying the correct minon color. The minon bodies were half-twinkies, goggles of white smarties, and smiles/eyeballs/goggle straps of black decorating gel.

Aren't they cute?!

Here's the birthday girl! She's wearing the party dress from me, another annual tradition, and very happy about her cute desserts. "Angie, when can we eat them?"

"What?! You're going to eat me?" Sorry little guy.

And the moment finally arrived! My Mom did the honors of bringing out the cupcakes, Rissa sat on my lap, and Coop made sure we did it all properly!

Ohhhh I want this one!

And it wasn't just ANY birthday party, it's where Bryce and I announced to the whole unknowing family (with the exception of Mom and Dad) that we got engaged

Marissa had a sleepover with us that night, all by herself without her two big sisters! She said to me "I didn't know you were married!" hehe, not yet Riss. We had such a great time - who doesn't love to color?! Plus, we're both the youngest of the five cousins of our own generation, nobody ever wants to play with us anyways (coughcoughEricDanaAmyDarren)!

Finally, we ended the day long celebration with breakfast in the morning. Marissa wanted scrambled eggs and even helped me make them! She demanded that we needed to put butter in the pan (correct) and smush it around, which she was happy to do. I made the rest of the breakfast and she told me that I didn't scramble the eggs enough! After I did some damage control she said she'd eat them, but that I didn't scramble them I just "cut them up with a fork!" That's right Marissa, make your own eggs next time :) Kidding!!

Happy 5, Marissa Jo! I can't believe how big, beautiful, and smart you are and I look forward to spoiling you and celebrating your birthday together for a million more years.


  1. My husband is so excited for Despicable Me 2. And I'm excited about the return of Twinkies. Definitely going to make these this weekend!

  2. hello how did you do the "pop" 2liters they are so cute

  3. I'm also curious how you did the "pop" bottles?

  4. Emptied them and put painters or masking tape around the bottle with newspaper surrounding either the top/bottom of the bottle and painted first color. Once that dries, do the same tape + newspaper to protect the other side and paint the other color. The mouths are permanent marker and the eyes were a printable that I can't find anymore. Google "Despiable Me goggles printable".


  5. This will be more helpful!!

  6. What kind of paint did you use for the bottles? Thank you!