Saturday, April 30, 2016

Pinos Sandwiches/Salumeria Verdi in Firenze (Florence)

1 Uber ride, 2 long flights, and 2 train rides and we're finally in Firenze (Florence). Last night my parents, Bryce, and I settled into our hotel and kept ourselves moving in an effort to ward off the jet lag and any spur of the moment naps! We had our first true Italian meal at Pinos Sandwiches/Salumeria Verdi. 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Italy and Greece

Well friends, it's approaching midnight and our alarm clocks are set for 5:00 am. We leave tomorrow for 2 weeks in Europe and I feel like I've done more today than in my previous 30 years of life!

I've read, planned, mapped, and poured over travel guides. My phone has been a constant source of weather updates, travel tips, exercise tracking, and so on. I even borrowed maps from the library for each city we're visiting. Did you know that you can do that?