Friday, March 11, 2011

Tsunami Food

As you may have heard, Hawaii was under a tsunami warning from about 8 pm last night until 7:30 am today.  Thankfully, we don't live in an area that needed to be evacuated.  Everyone was instructed to stay off of the roads unless they NEEDED to evacuate, stock up on food or emergency supplies. 

Bryce wasn't home so I did a scan of the apartment.  We had: candles and lighters, plus 2 flash lights, in case the power went out; plenty of water; and food, although it needed to be cooked!  I certainly didn't need to go anywhere. 

Since we Italians believe that food makes everything better, I did what I could to prepare for the worst, while Praying for the best:
  • Loaded up on ice cubes and homemade ice packs (tupperware containers filled with water and frozen) and cleaned out the cooler, in case the power went out to ensure we'd have some food that wouldn't spoil.   
  • Filled the brita, water bottles, and a thermos with water so we wouldn't have to sustain ourselves on wine and vodka cranberries alone!  
  • Cooked a whole box of whole wheat spaghetti.
  • Hard boiled some eggs.
  • Made a batch of brown rice.
  • Baked potato wedges with seasoning salt and paprika (yum!) in the oven.
  • Brewed a whole pot of coffee - YES, Bryce, it's totally necessary in an emergency!
I was up until about midnight doing all these things, then finally went to bed.  I woke up again at 3 am when all the commotion was supposed to happen.  After watching the news, and the water slowly creep up the beach then fall back beyond the reef, for an hour I'd had enough "excitement" and hit the hay once more.  When I woke up this morning I'd learned that there was minimal damage here on Oahu and that I was to report to work at 8:30, as always! 

Needless to say, I packed my lunch today!  I won't have to cook for the rest of the weekend :) 

Surely, my "prepare for the tsunami" plan could have been better, but it made me feel OK!  I think it's still smarter than waiting in line for an hour to fuel up my car on an island.  If something would happen, we'd have no place to drive to anyway, but we would get hungry!

Have a fantastic day - stay away from the ocean!


  1. Ill take a Vodka cranberry a okey THANKS ya Jagoff

  2. Thanks Aunt Marsha! Mal, we had the necessities :) Now come to Hawaii, I'll make pasta with olives.