Friday, September 20, 2013

Will Hike for Malasadas

On day 3 of our wedding festivities, Bryce found a man-cave to hide in and bask in the glow of back-to-back-to-back NFL games while the ladies (his Mom Teresa, my Aunt Slynn, and her friend Patty) and I went about our touristy ways! 

Day 1 and Liliha Bakery can be found here, day 2 and Monkey Pod Kitchen here, for those of you who might just be joining us.

After gathering the troops, we hiked to the top of Diamond Head, Waikiki's trademark crater, and caught the great views.

Aunt Slynn's Arrival + Monkeypod Kitchen

Last Saturday, September 7, was the first 6 am Penn State game (in Hawaii, of course) and Bryce's Mom Teresa was less than interested in joining us for breakfast, bloody mary's, and football viewing at the bar. (Click here if you missed her first day in town.) After the Nittany Lions CRUSHED the Eastern Michigan Eagles, Cassie, Teresa, and I journeyed to the KCC Farmer's Market. WOO - canteloupes!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Liliha Bakery

The wedding visitors have begun to arrive and the celebrations are officially underway. I'll try my best to make quick updates throughout the week(s) full of activities!

Bryce's Mom was first to arrive yesterday. After a quick lunch and running lots of errands, we had a low-key evening at our place complete with a Marky Mark movie (We Own the Night, which I HIGHLY recommend) and take out from one of our favorites, Liliha Bakery.

Liliha Bakery is an awesome and historic bakery in Honolulu near, but not on, Liliha Street. It's most famous for the signature cocoa puffs and the store front is open 24 hours a day! This photo was taken on a Saturday morning and the bakery was a ZOO.

In addition to the bakery shop it also includes a belly-up counter with about 20 seats and delicious (most especially breakfast) foods. Both photos were taken from the very long and slow line for these coveted seats.