Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hello Panda

One of the things I'd like to do to improve my blog is feature more "Hawaii foods".  Here's a snack that I grabbed at lunch the other day that I've never seen before.  They're from Japan but are popular here in Hawaii, as many Japanese items are.  

I grabbed these little "biscuits with milk cream" at the drug store on my lunch break because they looked... well, interesting!  Hello Panda.  Being fairly sure they weren't actually made from cute cuddly panda bear meat I decided to try some.  They had both milk cream and strawberry flavor.  Where's the chocolate?  As you can see on the packaging, these aren't just any Hello Panda Biscuits with Milk Cream, they have NEW SPORTS PRINTING!

And that was not a gimmick, you can clearly see the little pandas playing golf, soccer, football, and even shooting a bow and arrow!  I'm not sure what all of the activities are but I know no American snacks look anything like these!  Is the bottom right image a sword?

Not only are these cute and creative, they were pretty tasty!  They weren't as sweet as I expected them to be but they were a nice little snack.

Has anyone ever heard of these or tried them?  Let me know if you want some, I'll mail them to you :)


  1. I've eaten the chocolate ones. They have all the flavors at Don Quijote. I actually love them!

  2. I need to try the chocolate! Let's snack on these while we make fried fish sammies :)

  3. Yes! Let me know when, I can't wait to have a real fish sammich!

  4. Once Lent starts, of course! Ash Wednesday and every Friday.