Saturday, April 30, 2016

Pinos Sandwiches/Salumeria Verdi in Firenze (Florence)

1 Uber ride, 2 long flights, and 2 train rides and we're finally in Firenze (Florence). Last night my parents, Bryce, and I settled into our hotel and kept ourselves moving in an effort to ward off the jet lag and any spur of the moment naps! We had our first true Italian meal at Pinos Sandwiches/Salumeria Verdi. 

It was highly acclaimed on Trip Advisor, simple, and nearby our bicycle tour meeting location. I was feeling like a pretty proud tour guide when our journey to find this spot went so smoothly!

Our sandwiches (panini) were excellent! I think mine was the best, which is always a good sign.

Mine was the finocchiona with finocchiona (salami with fennel), pecorino cheese, pomodori secchi (sun dried tomatoes), and pesto. 

Dad had the pork best with prosciutto arrosto (roast pork), patate (potatoes), scamorza affumicata (smoked cheese), and pesto. He was bragging about eating a sandwich with avocado, I can't wait to tell him his superfood was really a potato! 

Bryce had the Italia with bresaola, parmigiano reggiano, pomodoro (fresh tomatoes), insalata (salad), and pesto.

Mom had the turkey best with tacchino (turkey), spinaci (spinach), peperoni (peppers), melanzane (eggplant), scamorza affumicata (smoked cheese), and pesto.

The whole tab, including a big birra (beer) was only 19 euro. We raved about our sandwiches for the next few hours!

Sadly my tour guide street-cred was cut short as soon as we arrived to the bike tour to find out it was booked for the wrong day! Since it was raining I think everyone was a tad bit relieved. 

This morning I'm awake very early and feeling rested after finally sleeping in a bed again. This post was 99% complete before my alarm clock went off so I am also feeling hungry and ready for another day, as well as a meal or 4, in Firenze!

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