Sunday, May 1, 2016

Gelato at La Carraia in Firenze (Florence)

We spent the first 3 days of our trip in Firenze, Italia (Florence, Italy, as we'd say). 

 After our first dinner at Salumeria Verdi we promptly christened our Italian journey with an inaugural gelato.

By "we" I mean myself, both of my parents, and my husband Bryce. Why yes "we" did ask the gelato man to take our photo!

Bryce started off the following day with a morning gelato, as well!

Of the thousands of photos we took the one below is one of my very favorites. It truly captures so much of our visit: walking, chatting, and enjoying gelato simultaneously.

Trip Advisor successfully sent us to the best panini on our first night in Firenze. On day 2, I dragged our crew to La Carraia, the best gelato in town according to Trip Advisor. We should have known we were heading in the right direction when a couple, who was eating gelato and offering to take our photo, told us that their gelato was incredible and it only cost 1 Euro. Just a few minutes later we arrived and filed quietly into a long line of both foreign tourists and local Italians alike. As if the Internet and some strangers weren't enough recommendations, the locals eat there, too!    

The selection was broad and you can see all of the differing pricing and sizes. So many decisions to make!

Because the line was long we had time to think about our selection.

I have 0.0% buyers remorse. The cioccoarancia (chocolate with orange) was the very best gelato I've ever had in my entire life!

We sat on the wall across the street with the water at our backs and the sun shining on us. The moment and the gelato rocked my socks off. The chocolate was smooth and rich and the orange was fresh and refreshing. They were perfection together, like a hug of chocolate and fruit. 

If you're ever in Florence please try this spot. Morning or afternoon, once or twice in a day, there aren't any rules when it comes to gelato!