Monday, February 21, 2011

Kitchen Fashion

Six weeks ago I didn't own a kitchen apron or feel a need to have one.  Do people really wear aprons, or is that only what Desperate Housewives puts on Bree?  Of course, I had an apron as a child...

Actually, I had another one that my Pap made me - Mom & I had matching, homemade aprons from Pap!  (Read more about Pap here.)  I grew out of those and haven't used an apron since I've been cooking as an adult.

For my birthday my dear friend Christine got me an adorable apron and I was really excited about it!  A week later Bryce's Mom's birthday gifts for me arrived and, yet, another apron!  The two were totally different and both so cute.  Just a few weeks after that, John & Brooke sent us thank you gifts for helping with the cookie table at their wedding (which I still need to blog about!) and my gift was another apron!

So now I have three adorable aprons.  My problem is I always forget to put on one and they're so cute I'm afraid to get them dirty!  They're just too cute not to show off.  Thanks ladies for the aprons!


  1. I have a couple of different aprons (one from my mom, one I found at a vintage store and another that my great grandmother made). I just rotate them...when one gets dirty, I've got a clean one waiting. Don't worry about getting them dirty! That's what they're for!!!

  2. Thanks, Brookie, for the apron and the tips! I remember your apron in Palolo.

  3. On your next visit home, there will be an apron awaiting your visit, that I made just for you!!! It's sooo cute, navy blue, with little Golden Retrievers on it...I'm sure you remember that fabric!!!

  4. Mom - that's hilarious! I'll keep it at your house for all the cooking/baking we do when I'm home. Maybe I can wear it the next time we eat dog biscotti, too.