Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Movie Food

No, I'm not talking about popcorn and Junior Mints!  I just discovered this awesome website "Movie Recipes: What you watch is what we cook".  Like they say, they cook all those beautiful on-screen foods and put them on their website, with the recipe, by movie.  It's pretty cool!  Of course, my favorite so far is the Godfather spaghetti sauce.  Because you  never know, you could have to cook for 20, 30 guys some day!


I'll definitely have to try this recipe, while watching the Godfather - my favorite movie.  (I own the box set of the trilogy but recently bought parts I and II on blu-ray!)  My only question to movie recipes is this "Where's the cannoli?"!


  1. Hi Angie, that Movie Recipe site is awesome - so many good ideas! It's nice to have a new friend in Hawaii. I just moved here in December so I haven't met too many people yet. I'd love to get together sometime. Maybe you can help me find a good Italian restaurant here on Honolulu :)


  2. Hi Candace, sounds good to me! Why don't you shoot me an email and we can plan -