Thursday, February 17, 2011

Garlic Knots

Since I started this blog I have discovered many, many good food blogs.  One of my favorites is In Erika's Kitchen.  Her most memorable post, to me, was the one about Garlic Knots as comfort food in which she makes her crappy day at work much better by making, then eating, delicious garlic knots.  Erika, Julie Powell, and I are all in the same boat here.  A BAD day at work, or otherwise, can usually be forgotten once you're busy creating delicious foods in the kitchen.

Over my trip home to Pittsburgh in December, I finally got the chance to make these lovely little knots.  I used crescent roll dough which eliminated the letting-the-dough rise portion of the recipe, since that's all I could find at the store.  I knotted them in no particular fashion, as you can see.  That made no difference once they were baked.

Just a few minutes later they were golden brown and... naked.

Until I added the butter and garlic, yummmmmm.

And finally - the parsley.

I should have made more, though, because they were gone in no time!  This one was a hit with the kids, which by now you know are picky eaters, 8 year old Morgan said to me "What was that buttery thing, it was good!"


  1. There were soo good, that I never got to taste one!! They sure looked fabulous!!!

    Take note: when making anything w/ bread for the Italians, make at least a double batch!!!!

  2. Good point, we'll triple the recipe and save one for after the next party!