Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Great Pancake Fiasco

Saturday morning is one of the greatest parts of the week, if you ask me.  Waking up without an alarm and sleeping in, even if it's just a few minutes past your regular wake-up-time, is such a great feeling and a perfect way to begin a lovely Saturday.  If only I could always be so optimistic!

One Saturday morning back in December I decided I was going to take on a new food conquest - homemade pancakes!

Prior to that day I'd made pancakes only twice.  Once in Palolo, John was kind enough to show me how to master the art of Bisquick, the perfect powder to water ratio, and how to wait for the little bubbles.  A few months ago I was babysitting some very smart 5 and 7 year old girls who wanted pancakes and they "knew how to make them", which isn't usually true when it comes out of a child's mouth, let's be serious!  These girls were telling the truth and together we made some delicious and creatively shaped breakfast food.

So, here's how the Great Pancake Fiasco came to be...  I used my trusty Better Homes & Gardens cook book although, I didn't have buttermilk and opted for one of the smaller, less prominently advertised recipes on the pancake page.  It turns out I couldn't keep my eyes off of the buttermilk recipe and I measured one of the ingredients correctly for the b-milk recipe and incorrectly for the recipe I was using plus I added an ingredient that I shouldn't have!  I was thinking it might be ok, since they were both pancake recipes, right?  No.

I'll keep the rest simple, since it was so painful the first time around...

It started out honest enough - milk, flour, eggs, etc.

Giving the first pancake a try...

It looks like I burned the bottom and unsuccessfully flipped it, too!

Trying again, that one is U-G-L-Y

But it seemed to be much better once I flipped it over!

Here's my temporary success!  I thought this was the winner, plated it up and slathered it with syrup.

Took two bites and realized it wasn't cooked through!  EW.  I threw it away and went back to the stove...

And tried again...

Burn = fail.

To make things much worse, please see what the photo on my Comfort Food calendar was that month staring me in the face from the other side of the kitchen!  "Ang, you can't make one edible pancake and look at us, we're so pretty and yummy!"

So, in the battle pancakes vs. Ang - Pancakes WIN!  Ang has coffee and leftovers for her Saturday morning meal, aka NOT the breakfast of Champions.

Have I mentioned that I hate baking?

And here's the trash, full of pancakes.


  1. Sorry to hear about the pancakes. I'm sure you'll do much better with fish sammiches.

  2. Ang want our these pancakes Frankie makes....mmmmmmmm

  3. Pancakes kick my butt every time, too, Angie. Thank goodness I have John! PS - we just picked up a waffle iron and we are loving it! -Brooke-

  4. Ladies, have I mentioned I LOVE comments on the blog?! Deanna, yes the fish sammies will be easier! Aunt Marsha, please send it my way! Brooke, John taught me! Ooooo waffle iron sounds fun. Those same girls I babysit who I made pancakes with have a Disney Princess waffle iron!

  5. Looks like you had the heat turned up too high. Crank it down to medium-low so the bottom doesn't burn before the rest is cooked through. Also, thinning the batter with a little more milk or water helps, too. Hope this helps! Don't get discouraged - even bad pancakes are pretty good!

  6. Thanks Erika! I'm really not a huge pancake fan anyway, unless they're made with lots of chocolate chips :)