Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My 22nd Birthday

Today I stumbled across these pictures of my 22nd birthday. I had just begun getting into cooking and my parents bought me all kitchen-and-food-related gifts. I was a senior in college and actually thinner than I am now! My hair was much longer and darker, too.

In addition to the nostalgia these photos stir up, there are 2 other major things they bring to mind:
  1.  About a month after this birthday I decided I'd move to Hawaii! If my current (2011) self could jump into this picture and tell me then "Hey Ang, your 22nd year will be one of the very best of your life. You'll move to Hawaii, land your first REAL job, meet a fantastic guy, and successfuly make the transition to surviving on your own, all before you turn 23!" there's no way I would have believed my older and wiser self! Doesn't life always seem to be more interesting and unpredictable than you ever imagined? 
  2. Dear Old (Penn) State will never be the same as it was back then. The uncovering of the scandal and following events that have occurred in recent weeks have shaken up the University, its leadership, students, athletics, and alumni. I am so sickened by what that MONSTER did to those poor children. They will continue to be in my thoughts and Prayers. As for everyone else involved, including JoePa (who I LOVE), if they did anything that allowed Sandusky to continue on his path of destruction I believe they should be held accountable. I wish the authorities had given a little more consideration to firing JoePa the way they did but I'm sure hoping they're doing what's right. This whole thing has consumed my life for the past 2 weeks and I'm emotionally drained from it all. It's incredible how one person has ruined so many lives. Oh - did I forget to say allegedly? Sorry, I hope he gets what he deserves - either in prison or after he passes through the LARGER gates.
We are so much more than this scandal and our football program. WE ARE... PENN STATE!

Here I'm demonstrating my EVOO dispenser's usefulness. "When you come home from the bars at 2 am, do this before you put the pierogies in the pan!"

So many tortellini! This was in January and I graduated in May. I'm curious if I actually ate them all in 4 months...

That's surely enough cheese for all those tortellini! Looks like I got olives, too. My roommates were probably happy to see me get these gifts :)

Drum roll please... my first "Mangia Mangia" sign! I'm now on my 3rd, just 3.5 years later. This sign I gave back to my Mom when I left and she painted her dining room to coordinate with it. I bought #2 for my apartment in Hawaii and it shattered into a million little pieces when it fell off the wall. Finally, #3 I've had for quite some time now and it's doing well. It's my favorite part of my kitchen, and my Mom's dining room!

Later that night we went to dinner at the Corner Room, one of my favorite restaurants in State College. My parents surprised me with the cutest cake ever!

Well, I think I'll stop here. I got super nostalgic, addressed the worst thing to ever happen to my alma mater, and shared an adorable cake - what more can I do!? Oh yes... cook something... that's what I'm here for. Excuse my ranting, please.

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