Sunday, August 28, 2011

Benihana Birthday Party!

My good friend Chris turned 25 this weekend.  On Friday night he thought he was going to Benihana with his roommates, but when he showed up ALL of our friends were there!  We filled up 2 entire tables, what a great surprise!

Honestly, who doesn't love hibachi?  I remember how excited we were in 8th grade when we whole class got to go to Benihana and I'm 99% sure that I still have the Buddha mug to prove that I went.  (Now that's silly - getting a Buddha souvenir on a Catholic School field trip!)  People love Benihana in Pennsylvania and even here in Hawaii, where you can get good Japanese food on every block!

As expected, there were lots of veggies and the onions were stacked up like volcanoes.  That's even funnier in Hawaii!  Our chef was clearly not too happy and didn't care to show off so our volcano eruption was mediocre.

I snuck a picture of some of the food waiting to be cooked: noodles, shrimp, sauce, and veggies.

Tons of minced garlic, eggs, and veggies for the fried rice.

Benihana's famous garlic fried rice, sure to keep the Cullens and the Volturi away!

Scallops, lobster, and calamari - yum!  Who says you can't have more than one fish in the sea?

Jumbo shrimp and several steaks.  Of course, I was made fun of for ordering mine medium well.  Does anyone else prefer their steak actually cooked?!

The grand finale - green tea ice cream!

Happy Birthday, Chris!  We hope you enjoyed it.

Next year, we're going somewhere cheaper! With love, your friends :)


  1. I LOVE green tea ice cream (I finally made it to Trader Joe's and purchased some green tea mochi which I had been craving) and I can't believe you ruined that steak. ;-)


  2. You are so lucky to have a Trader Joe's! Have you tried the strawberry licorice? I highly recommend it. I guess that's a NO on the steak question!


  3. LOL! Being pregnant, I cannot eat any undercooked meat and it's killing me! First thing I'm eating as soon as this baby is born: a whole plate of sushi and medium-rare steak. Trader Joe's is great. When Sommer and I shared an apartment in Tempe we had one right down the street. It was awesome!


  4. Well at least Baby lets you eat TJ's food! Don't worry, Mama, not much longer :)

  5. Maybe it's a Pittsburgh thing. I like my steak cooked as well... and with ketchup

  6. My parents both used to eat their steaks well done! I didn't know there was another way until my Aunts heard me order in a restaurant and said "that's like eating shoe leather!"

    Are you serious about the ketchup?

  7. Oh! This post made my mouth watery! It looks so delicious. Well, 25th birthday celebration has to be grand. After all it’s the silver jubilee year. Even I celebrated my 25th birthday in an event venue so beautiful that everybody was stunned to see the place and the food was as amazing as this one.