Sunday, November 13, 2011

Baby Shower 101

This weekend I threw my first ever baby shower! My dear friends Christine and Steve are expecting their first child, a boy, in January. With the help of Oh Sook, who planned the whole shower with me, and the guests who all brought a dish to share, the party went off without a hitch! 

Since my blog's first birthday party (which was a disaster from my perspective, although the guests seemed to have fun) I've learned many ways to make a party enjoyable for the host and the guests! Here's what I can tell you, although I'm clearly NO expert...


Use recipes that you've made before. I made mini red velvet cupcakes (this time with homemade frosting) and turned my favorite broccoli chicken cheddar braid into "cups". This made the recipe even easier since you don't have to "braid" the dough, cut it to serve, or dirty any utensils. Score!



Do as much as you can in advance. 2 days before the party I made the cupcakes and the frosting, plus cooked and cut the chicken for the broccoli chicken cheddar cups. 1 day before the party I prepped the rest of the filling for the broccoli chicken cheddar cups: chopping the onions, and broccoli, adding the mayo, cheese, dill, and chicken; and kept that in the fridge until party time. The morning of the party I was left with a few simple tasks: ice the cupcakes and assemble and heat the cups. The only change was cutting the dough into 12 squares (per roll) and placing them in the cupcake tins, then topping the dough with the mixture.

For us that meant kindly asking the guests to bring a dish, making a big batch of punch that the ladies could help themselves to (and even add champagne to!), including a few simple snacks (fishy crackers and animal cookies), and making as many adorable and themed party decorations with the Cricut Expression as possible! 
 My red velvet cupcakes, which were requested from the expectant Mommy, were as delicious as they were cute!


I can't believe I never thought to make the broccoli-chicken-cheddar combination into cups before. Now I doubt I'll ever turn back!

My Mom's punch was a hit. 1 part Hawaiian Punch to 2 parts Ginger Ale. Add raspberry sherbert slowly to avoid a volcanic eruption... we learned the hard way!

Presents, ultrasound pictures, guessing games, and snacks. Did I mention it's a boy?

Lovely spread brought by the guests!

Ohhh the casseroles, so delicious! We had more than enough food and a fantastic variety.

 Here's the Mama and all of the lovely guests! Did you know pregnant ladies should always wear an open lei? Now you do! You're welcome :)

Oh Sook, Christine (and Baby Blinn), and I. We hope you both LOVED your shower!


  1. Angie, I love all that you and Oh Sook did with the shower.....The cupcakes, decorations and games etc everything.....such a nice touch. I was surprised to see the pictures of Chrissy and Steve when they were babies. I have to tell you "she was beautiful" (do you think I am a little biased, being her mom and all).

    I think the little notes identifying the dish were so cute. Just so you know I am going to try the chicken broccoli dish over the christmas holidays.

    Thank you so much.......Cheryl Coyne

  2. Hi Cheryl!

    We had such a great time planning the shower for "Baby Chrissy!" Your stories that you emailed were all told as part of the trivia game. Thanks for your help and kind compliments! Let me know how you like the broccoli, chicken, cheddar!

    You're very welcome,

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