Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Bryce's 28th - d.k Steak House

Just last week my love/fiance Bryce celebrated his 28th birthday. Per usual (yes that's 2 links for 2 previous Bryce birthday extravaganzas) he went all out and selected that we have his celebratory dinner at d.k Steak House, located in the Waikiki Beach Mariott Hotel.

We were joined by our friends Cassie and Derek and got the dinner started off properly. Cheers to you, Bryce!

Each couple began with an order of bacon wrapped scallops with lemon butter caper sauce and truffle oil. They were a perfectly sized appetizer in my opinion: just enough to overjoy and alert your taste buds that much more wonderous food is on the way without contributing to premature fullness of the stomach. D.k's bacon wrapped scallops were savory, delicate, and delicious.

Bryce and I also shared a monster shrimp cocktail, a "real" shrimp cocktail with house made cocktail sauce. The cocktail sauce was heavy on the horseradish and packed a punch, making it even better! My only gripe is the odd quantity of shrimp, why not 4 so everyone can have 2? Bonus points for the gorgeous presentation!

Both Cassie and Derek and Bryce and I split the star of the show, the 22 ounce dry aged bone-in rib eye steak! [That's 2 steaks for 4 people not 1 steak for 4, to be clear.] Said to be DK's "Premier Steak" and the juiciest of them all, the rib eye is served with house made jus. We upgraded to include the blue cheese butter or "cafe du Paris" as well (unfortunately not captured via photo). Our steaks were dry aged for 15 days, although you can upgrade to the 30 days dry aged.

It was as scrumptious as it was gigantic. Each bite was heavenly and the fact that we shared our steak and still had leftovers should be a nod to the amount of blissful bites that were consumed! Bryce says that it was the best steak he's ever had - what a measure of success for a birthday :)

Cassie and Derek had the traditional choice of side dish with a juicy steak: garlic mashed potatoes. Bryce and I are more the let's-over-do-everything type and selected the truffle mac and cheese! That's homestyle macaroni and cheese with black truffles and white truffle oil. It was rich, creamy, cheesy, and excellent! Probably the best macaroni and cheese of all time. To think that people eat the stuff from a styrofoam container in the microwave is truly a shame...

It wasn't all about the food, though. Derek and Bryce are gym buddies and their generous gift was a GNC Gift Card and homemade, humorous card. Muscle Milk!!

Bryce was treated to a birthday panna cotta, on the house! Notice the 4 spoons.

D.k's was the perfect place for a birthday celebration, although bit pricey I must admit. Bryce is well aware of the fact that he raised the bar with birthday expectations this year and that next year, especially since it will be our first as a married couple, my birthday will be celebrated in a similar fashion!

We opted out on futher d.k dessert options and regrouped at our apartment for some competitive Wii playing and the homemade cookies and cream fudge I'd made earlier.

It was made with white chocolate, sweetened condensed milk, salt, and mini Oreo cookies. It was good, but not great so I'm not sharing the recipe. Fudge needs to include real chocolate, if you ask me!

Happy 28th Birthday Bryce! Here's hoping the whole year is as good as the inaugural steak of year 28.

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