Thursday, April 5, 2012

S'more Birthday Fun - Bryce's 27th

It's no shock to any of our friends (or my blog readers) that Bryce and I go all out, and then over the top, for birthdays. This year my birthday celebration was a month long and included 3 obnoxious posts: a birthday BBQ with friends, a journey to an outlet mall though the snow to acquire gifts, and a just-the-two-of-us dinner at an Italian restaurant. Now it's Bryce's turn!

If you don't know what a Spam musubi is, read about it here before going any farther! Bryce's birthday began with presents and cards first thing in the morning. He's a big fan of Spam musubi and when I saw this bag in the store it really got me thinking...

I picked up a sushi mold and all of the ingredients so he can make his own: rice, nori (dried sea weed), and SPAM.

Just the very next day Bryce made his first batch! I'm not a big fan of the Spam musubi that's sold at 7-11, but these ones made with soy sauce and brown sugar, are GOOD. See the perfectly formed rice, a la the sushi mold?

Last year I threw Bryce an awesome party in a private room in a bar, the year before that we went to Vegas, and the prior year we went rock climbing and he went sky diving! This year was fairly low-key in comparison. His birthday fell on a Wednesday and it also happened to be our first kickball game of the season. Bryce is our team captain and takes it very seriously. We grabbed a quick dinner at One Plus One Drive In, but made sure to eat well in advance of the game!

Bryce's birthday dinner was mochiko chicken (made with Japanese rice flour) - complete with sides of rice and mac salad, while wearing a lei - the Hawaii way!

I got the "House Noodles", there on the left, greasy and delicious!

After our kickball game, and first victory of the year, we proceeded to the sponsoring watering hole and  celebrated with s'mores cookie cups. In the video below (which I own no rights to, just borrowing!), the "Ham" from the Sandlot explains what a s'more is in one of the best scenes ever!

Here Bryce hams it up in true birthday style: candles, lei, cookies, beer, tequila shot, and salt shaker included!

The s'mores cookie cups looked like crap but tasted very, very good. Serving them in a dimly lit bar actually worked to my advantage. Not only did I manage to somehow screw up the recipe, resulting in exploding cookies, but I also burnt my arm on the oven and didn't buy enough chocolate to fill all the cups! That being said, take Little Bitty Bakes' word for it and use her recipe, I'm a hot mess (oven-burn pun intended)!

Those candles really got a lot of use considering there wasn't a cake in sight! Don't worry, Bryce stretched his birthday on for days weeks more and we actually may still be celebrating it right now :)

Happy 2 - 7 Bryce, I hope this year is full of love, happiness, and s'more good food!


  1. LOL! Sorry you didn't have much luck making the cookie cups, but I'm sure they still tasted great! Happy belated birthday to your fiance!