Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Le Creuset Outlet

Well, I'm officially 26 now. Scary, right?


Just after Christmas, Bryce, My Sandy, and I drove an hour North of Pittsburgh to go to the Le Creuset outlet store! This trip had been planned for months in advance and we even braved a little bit of snow to get there. 

If you're unaware of my obsession with LC, read about my first purchase, the next 4, a random gift from My Sandy, and my (3rd dating) anniversary with Bryce. That should bring you up to speed!

The Le Creuset outlet was worth every mile, inch, and moment that lead us to the doors of the store! I was in heaven.

Here's a closer look. I was so giddy it was more intense than a kid in a candy store, even one who pre-gamed with 25 pixie sticks and a shot of Mountain Dew! Once I calmed down, just a little, I felt an enormous amount of pressure to select my purchases carefully. Bryce offered to buy, given that whatever I selected would be my birthday present. He ROCKS!

Can you see how I could get overwhelmed in there? Thankfully I already had my color (red) picked out because I can't imagine making your first purchase in such a large store with discount prices. Keeping in mind the fact that we'd have to ship whatever we bought back to Hawaii made selecting a little bit easier.

I. Want. It. All.

This back and very red corner of the store is where I got down to business! If living inside the store were possible, I'd be on the waiting list.

So we made our purchases and went on our merry way. My Sandy and I enjoyed a visit to the Coach outlet, too! We had a great lunch on the way home and a great day together :)

A few weeks and a trip back to Hawaii later, my birthday rolled around and do did this lovely display (including tulips - my favorite!) from Bryce. Is that a cupcake on top there?

I must admit it was a few days later when I took this photo, the tulips give it away! In addition to all my AWESOME Le Creuset items from Bryce, I also got many other kitchen things from friends and family! My Mom loves heart shaped things. Anyone remember Valentine's Day?

The main LC outlet buy was these 4 adorable mini cocottes!

Don't forget the corresponding mini-cocotte cookbook and the 'cast iron way to cook' book!

These LC oven mitts were so past overdue in our kitchen, we have many crappy mitts and many burn marks! That little guy up top goes on the handle of the LC cast iron grill pan which can get very, very hot.

The odd-shaped thing up front is a recipe rock from my dear Aunt Slynn! The ball is magnetic and it holds a recipe page upright for easy viewing while cooking. Brilliant!

My friend Lisette is always a great gift-giver and got me the Martha Stewart bowl set I've been eying for years! I swear I use at least one of those every day since I opened them.

Finally, my last LC gift and the mystery item wrapped like a cupcake was a set of prep bowls! They've got the measurement on the bottom of each but the BEST part is that they bend for easy pouring. Who thinks of these things and why isn't it me?

Holy cannoli this post has gotten really long! What a great sign of a fantastic birthday filled with love and kitchen additions :) Thank you everyone for your fabulous gifts on my birthday.

Bryce, thanks for the flowers, LC shopping spree, and humoring me by wrapping the gifts I picked out!

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