Sunday, December 9, 2012

Primanti's 2012

During my first several years living in Hawaii, it became routine for me to fly into Pittsburgh and head directly to Primanti Brothers for their infamous sandwich. This trip to Da Burgh it took me almost 48 hours to get there! Bryce and I met my cousin Eric for lunch on Monday, the 3rd day of our trip. [Day 1 involved flying and a lot of bad food; Day 2 a deliciously adorable bridal shower.]

Surely you've heard of the "Pittsburgh style" sandwiches on TV before or, if nothing else, earlier on Aloha: Yinz Mangia! It's fresh Italian bread piled high with your choice of protein, cole slaw, french fries, and tomato. It's odd, delicious, and something you can't forget about once you've had one.

There are locations of Primanti's all over Pittsburgh, leaking their way across Pennsylvania, and even a few in Florida! Although not the original, we usually go to the one nearest to my folks' house on route 60.

Their sandwiches are HUGE, although the front of the menu makes them look even more ginormous than they are in real life!

Bryce constantly uses the phrase "I prefer a mayonnaise based cole slaw" while in Primanti's, dissing the sandwiches and their (delicious) vinegar based slaw. He's upset that I didn't shoot fireworks out of my pony tail when I first ate his home-local favorite of In-and-Out burger! That being said, he opts for some of the many other (inferior and non-important) items on the Primanti's menu,while there's only one section for me to consider - the signature sandwiches! My 2 favorites are the Pitts-Burger (made of a steak-like patty) and the Cappicola and Cheese, which was my selection on this particular day.

Eric's favorite is the Colossal Fish and Cheese to which he adds tons of hot sauce! He actually had a (short lived) blog on finding the best fish sandwich in Pittsburgh and this was a contender. Eric - do you think Kanye stole your idea with the "fish fillet" line?

My cappicola and cheese was so incredibly delicious. The soft bread, hot fries, crisp slaw, and spicy cappicol' was as great together as I remember!

As they say "you can take the girl out of Pittsburgh, but you can't take the Pittsburgh out of the girl!"

Did you think I wouldn't (or couldn't) finish the whole sandwich? Think again ya' jagoff! [That's Pittsburgh-ese for jerk or a-hole, in a kind way!]

Primanti's thanks for always being so good to me, reliable and scumptious. Eric, thanks for making sure I got my fix and for having lunch with us. Finally, Terry Bradshaw, thanks for photo bombing us!

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