Friday, December 21, 2012

Our Candy Christmas Tree

Only 4 days until Christmas! We survived the ending of the Mayan calendar [now what?!] and the last week of work before Christmas. I wish I'd kept track of all the candies, cookies, and other delicious sweets that have made their way into my office, through my mouth, and will be later reincarnated on my thighs in January. There's no turning back now with the holiday gluttony so it's the perfect time for me to share some calorie free sweets with you! Here is our candy Christmas tree in 2010, its very first year.  

The tree has come a long way since then! Last year I briefly gave you a sneak peek of it but never got around to sharing my Candy Land/sugar high vision with you. It all starts with one artificial tree (lights included!) and some gumdrop garland!

Over the years I've collected a whole sweet shop full of goodies, most of which have been purchased at great discount the day after Christmas. Included are pepperminty ornaments and a tree topper, whimsical and multicolored fruit tarts, wrapped candies, lollipops, and ginormous candy canes, plus a candy ribbon tree and chocolate truffles!

As of just a week ago this is what the tree looked like - cute right?!

We've since recieved some major upgrades including matching embroidered stockings...

...and the corresponding tree skirt! They were seriously adorable and I couldn't wait until the 26th to try to get them.

Aren't Christmas lights so magical?


We stopped by one of those personalization kiosks at the mall and picked up a belated "engaged" ornament which is now the only non-themed addition to the tree :)

Someday I hope to have many trees of many themes in rooms throughout my home. There are Wizard of Oz and Penn State ornament collections growing rapidly at my parents' house in the meantime, so until then keep an eye out for any sweet and calorie free additions to my candy collection!


  1. I love your sweet tree! So creative. Reminds me of a small tree my mom has in her kitchen and decorates it with small cookie cutters. Merry Christmas from Pittsburgh :)

  2. Thanks Amy! The matching tree skirt is even better because there's glitter on it!

    That's such a cute idea Katy :) Mele kalikimaka from Hawaii!