Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pley-time with Yelp

Well, I am now officially an Elite Yelper!  I'd let you know that they asked me to be elite, but never told you that it was made official, which it was :)  I have the cute little '11 Elite tag on my Yelp page and I consummated the relationship this weekend by going to my first event as an Elite :)  The event was Come Pley with Yelp at the Children's Discovery Center.  Isn't the paint just screaming "this place is somuchfun"!? 

The crazy part is that it used to be an incinerator!  You'd never know it used to be something so yucky.

The place was filled with Yelp Elites (adults only) ready to "Pley" like kids, but eat and drink like grown ups!  First we enjoyed yummy lettuce wraps from P.F. Changs, one of my favorites.

These lovely fried delights are from Paul's Poppers.  Look at all that oil!

The 2 varieties we tried were pork, jalapeno, and cheddar and spinach and artichoke with Parmesan and mozzarella.  You know how I feel about peppers of all sorts, so Bryce got the pork & jalapeno one to himself and he loved it!  The spinach and artichoke was delicious by both of our standards.

A place called Tower 10 was there.  I'd never heard of it before and just found out today that it's not open yet!  They served these 2 dishes: a deconstructed Elvis [banana custard, puff pastry, moussey peanut butter, and bacon] and seared ahi tacos.  I took only one bite of the taco and don't remember what the hell it tasted like because I was so excited about the Elvis. 

I put on my blue suede shoes and jailhouse ROCKED the Elvis.  Did I give Bryce a bite?  I don't remember or care, really.  Bryce are you reading this?  I don't have to share, I'm an only child and you're not the boss of me!  Back to Elvis - it was heavenly.  The light and fluffy puff pastry and the cool banana custard complimented each other perfectly in my first bite.  It got even better when I got the full experience with the creamy peanut butter fluffiness and savory, crispy bacon!  The Elvis get the award for best thing I ate all night.  The King is ready for his close up.

Camille's on Wheels, a popular food truck, served these delicious little Thai chicken tacos.

Camille's other offering was their famous (on Yelp, at least) Mango Pie.  I'd been meaning to try this for months and it certainly lived up to all the hype, although the pieces were quite small!  I must secure a whole slice pie for myself.

Fairy Cakes was appropriately stationed in a little, magical playhouse.  They served tiny little desserts through a window.

This "fruit sushi" was a surprisingly great bite!  It consisted of grapes and pineapple topped with lychee, yum!

So we ate, and we ate, and we drank, too.  I blame the lack of drink photos on my hands being entirely too full!  We also got to PLEY (which is Yelp spelled backwards if you haven't yet figured that one out) throughout the Children's Discovery Center with no kids in the way to stop us!

Bryce cheated on his height measurement in the doctor's office!  I wish I was a little bit taller...

We got in touch with our reggae and Asian roots, mon!

My personal favorite part of the night was getting my face painted with a beautiful, glittery, magical design!  I didn't have to beg my Mom or spend any of my allowance money, either :)

We had far too much fun in the reading room with the giant chair.  Check out my reading material!

Leave it up to Bryce to incorporate sports when he should be reading!

We got quite carried away while on the clock at the market!  Bryce's apron was made for a toddler, by the way.

It wasn't all fun and games - Bryce learned all about the importance of fighting fires with a trustworthy companion!

The event was AMAZING!  I knew being an Elite Yelper was going to be awesome and this night was a very good start.  In all seriousness, it wasn't all fun and games, free food and drinks - Yelpers were encouraged do donate to the Children's Discovery Center and I hope they raised a mint!  It's a great place for kids to learn and grow, and for adults to party and PLEY at during after hours!

Stay tuned for many more great Yelp events!


  1. I've taken B to the Children's Discovery center many times. I have just as much fun as she does. :)

  2. Good to know, Jess! I always figured the kids got to have all the fun :)