Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Going Home

Today, after work, I board a plane and go home to Pittsburgh!  To this house, to be exact...

Well, I'm sure there won't be snow, but you get the point!

I'm going home for my Grandma Sally's 93rd Birthday Party and to meet my best friend's brand new baby boy, Brody.

The excitement could kill me!  There will be many Pittsburgh foods included in this trip:

  • Pierogies
  • Doughnut holes from my favorite bakery
  • A crazy pretzel-roll, pulled pork, and pierogie sandwich at PNC Park
  • My very first trip to Trader Joe's
  • A visit to Deluca's for their ice cream pancakes
I can't wait to go, then to tell you all about the party, meeting the little guy, and the food!

See YINZ tomorra!

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