Monday, April 11, 2011

Ka Lei - Fresh Island Eggs

Months ago someone brought it to my attention that the eggs sold in the grocery store are old.

The mama hen done hatched them a longgggg time ago!

Even more so here in Hawaii, on an Island, where most of the eggs take a nice, long trip from the mainland.  They asked me if I've ever had "Fresh Island Eggs", and the answer is no.

I decided I was going to stop by Ka Lei Marketplace for some fresh eggs and see what it was all about.  It's a tiny store front in a strip of stores and restaurants in a cute little neighborhood.  The problem is, they're only open during the week from 9 am - 5 pm, and on Saturdays until 12 noon.  I've tried 3 times to go there and this weekend, I FINALLY MADE IT IN!

There's not much to see inside, just lots of eggs and a few random items for sale (sauces, glass eggs, doormats made of recycled flip-flops, and other unique items).   People line up, most with their empty egg cartons in hand, and wait quietly for their turn.

Here's the egg selection board.  We went with the Medium Brown Grade A eggs for $5.90.  That's 2.5 dozen, or 30 eggs for less than six dollars!  That's insanely cheap for eggs in Hawaii.

There are so many eggs, and this was 30 minutes before they closed!  Notice the cooler is decorated with Easter egg window clings - funny!

Ka Lei's eggs are inexpensive and they taste so good.  My sources were right, fresh eggs make a major difference!  I can't describe how the taste is different, they're just better.  I spent the weekend eating eggs!  I made breakfast for lunch on Saturday as soon as we got home and got creative with my breakfast on Sunday and tried to make dippy (aka sunny side up in Yinzer) eggs inside of onions! 

Even if you don't live on an Island, I recommend you go get some fresh eggs!  Owning my own chickens is on my bucket list, but until then I'll be eating these.


  1. Oooh fresh eggs! I'll have to check this place out. I'm all for the "local is better" mentality.

  2. I agree! Thinking about how old eggs really are when we eat them is GROSS. It's on Waialae in Kaimuki. If that means nothing to you, I'll take you! LOL