Monday, August 9, 2010

Lunchtime Gluttony

Most days I pack my lunch. I make a lousy turkey sandwich with mustard and no cheese, to save calories, EW. Trying to pretend it's roast beef with melted cheese and lots of mayo does NOT work, by the way. Packing saves calories and money, of course. About once a week I'll buy my lunch - living on the edge, I know! Most of the women in my office go crazy over the nachos from a Mexican place a few blocks away, but I'd never had them. Finally, I went in search of the nachos.

Side note: Amy, my wonderful cousin, is my food advisor. She's the person who inspired me to learn to cook, and the one who I call with food questions regularly. (What's the difference between heavy cream and whipping cream? Can I use the blender if it says to use a food processor? Can I freeze this?! So on and so forth...) I trust Amy in ALL things food and would probably eat tree bark if she told me to. Anyways... Amy introduced me to carnitas. It's seasoned pork that's so yummy and salty and used in a lot of Mexican dishes.

I got the nachos with carnitas and all the bells and whistles, guacamole, sour cream, salsa, and whatever else they put on there.

Pros: Yummy, delicious, fantastic nachos! They're so messy you need a fork to eat them. There's honestly enough for 2 people.

Cons: The battle with your eyelids to remain open for the afternoon at work! You're so full and happy once you're done, it's time for a food coma. Inconvenient for a work day, I'd say!


After: It's the best I could do!

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