Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Traditional Irish Breakfast

Last year we were able to visit Ireland. We spent the most of our time in the large city of Dublin, although we also adventured to the smaller towns of Bunratty, Doolin, and Galway. In the spirit of St. Patrick's Day please allow me to share with you my most favorite meal of the trip.

The Irish are quite serious about their drinking [Jameson and Guiness!] while most meals leave something to be desired. It's typically meat and potatoes, as you hear often, and that's that. 

On the contrary, we had a spectacularly wonderful breakfast at Daly's House, our bed and breakfast in Doolin. Just look at the setup.

Just look at the view! This was my most favorite place in Ireland.

You can see the various menu offerings and, of course, the mimosa.

My Aunt Slynn had highly recommended the bed and breakfast to us along with the homemade brown bread. Sorry, Slynn, but Paul's buttery scones won my heart!

Each little dish was more adorable and welcoming than the next. Look at all of those toppings for yogurt!

It was all just as delicious as it was beautiful.

If you'd prefer double strawberry - go for it.

The amount of options was endless.

It's not all sweets and carbs, just look at those delicious cheeses, grapes, and olives.

A little bit of everything of course, I chose my selections wisely.

If you're not into all of those glorious foods because you, maybe, drank too much Jameson the night before - there's porridge, too. It's a bit of the hair of the dog that bit you, though, topped with Bailey's, brown sugar, and fresh cream.

Without further adieu, the Traditional Irish breakfast. The most wonderful meal of our week-long stay in Ireland.

Beginning at the top left and moving clock wise:

A sunny-side-up egg over a bagel
White pudding - pork sausage made with oatmeal
Black pudding - or blood sausage - it's just like white sausage but made with pork blood
1 of 2 tomato slices - that's all for the fresh fruits and veggies, folks!
A sausage link
2 pieces of bacon (which is much more like American ham than our bacon)

It's the most meat-filled meal I've ever had and so delicious! This makes "meat lovers pizza" look like a joke.

The black pudding was the most interesting and anticipated food of my trip to Ireland. It took some courage for me to try it, at first, and it's honestly the best of all of those meaty options! The flavor is 10 times better than the white pudding and, if you eat the black pudding first, everything else seems tasteless.

I'll be curious to see if I ever find such a breakfast here in America! Would you eat this meaty meal? Would you dare to try the black pudding?


  1. I know JUST what you mean. I spent two days at Daly's House last summer and everything was identical to what you experienced. Except it was sunny when YOU were there You could eat enough breakfast there to last you until the following morning. LOVE Susan and the entire experience.

  2. The best meal in Ireland, truly!