Monday, March 23, 2015

T Rex Cake - Happy 30th Bryce!

My husband, Bryce, turned 30 this weekend. We spent 3 glorious days in Whistler [British Columbia, Canada] with 8 of our friends. We ate, drank, skied and/or snowboarded, and enjoyed this delicious and hilarious cake!

When he has a few too many adult beverages, my husband pulls his arm back like a t rex and The Sweet Side Bakery did a great job of bringing my silly cake idea to life!

We spent all day Saturday on the mountain and each and every muscle in my body is hurting still, on Monday evening!

The t rex arm shown here is an imposter, he was sober at the time of the photograph! 

The cake wasn't just a beauty for show! The chocolate cake and frosting were delicious and the peanut butter filling took it to another level.

Three candles were fine by me, although our friends demand that Bryce have all thirty!

You're not quite prehistoric yet, honey! Here's hoping that 30 is everything you're hoping it will be.

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