Saturday, September 7, 2013

Liliha Bakery

The wedding visitors have begun to arrive and the celebrations are officially underway. I'll try my best to make quick updates throughout the week(s) full of activities!

Bryce's Mom was first to arrive yesterday. After a quick lunch and running lots of errands, we had a low-key evening at our place complete with a Marky Mark movie (We Own the Night, which I HIGHLY recommend) and take out from one of our favorites, Liliha Bakery.

Liliha Bakery is an awesome and historic bakery in Honolulu near, but not on, Liliha Street. It's most famous for the signature cocoa puffs and the store front is open 24 hours a day! This photo was taken on a Saturday morning and the bakery was a ZOO.

In addition to the bakery shop it also includes a belly-up counter with about 20 seats and delicious (most especially breakfast) foods. Both photos were taken from the very long and slow line for these coveted seats.

Our take out items ranged from all across the board and we enjoyed every single bite. Pancakes, bacon, sausage, and a loco moco were in enjoyed by Bryce and his Mama while I relied on some old favorites. 

The grilled butter roll is my absolute favorite. Although a bread roll doesn't sound or look like anything remarkable, it's the hot pink guava jam that rocks my socks! It's a small, soft roll that's painted with butter and grilled just slightly to create a crisp, savory surface that calls for a blanket of guava jam. It's salty, buttery, fruity, sweet heaven on a carby-warm roll.

Items are offered a la carte so I was able to assemble this all yellow starchy food fest to my liking. Notice the perfectly slathered roll! Their grilled potatoes are to die for and are typically served with breakfast - pshhhh! Finally, my cheeseburger was made with crisp lettuce, classic mayo, and some messy yet surprising relish. 

Last but not least were the cocoa puffs. Heavy and dense, these bad boys are stuffed and topped with  complimenting chocolate cream and chantilly goodness.

A relaxing night and some comfort food was a perfect zen experience for just before full-tilt wedding madness begins!

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