Friday, September 20, 2013

Will Hike for Malasadas

On day 3 of our wedding festivities, Bryce found a man-cave to hide in and bask in the glow of back-to-back-to-back NFL games while the ladies (his Mom Teresa, my Aunt Slynn, and her friend Patty) and I went about our touristy ways! 

Day 1 and Liliha Bakery can be found here, day 2 and Monkey Pod Kitchen here, for those of you who might just be joining us.

After gathering the troops, we hiked to the top of Diamond Head, Waikiki's trademark crater, and caught the great views.

It didn't take long for my Aunt Slynn and I to continue making our list of the ways we're similar, snorting, big camera toting, and adventurous spirited Anderson ladies!

We both also share a low tolerance for BULL $H!#. Here you see Aunt Slynn, on our way down the crater, arguing with a man who wanted to sell us a Certificate of Completion for the hike. He wanted $1.00 for the certificate and to allow her to take a picture of his shirt. Well it wasn't hard to trick him... needless to say! It's a fairly easy hike and I'd bet he's illegally "raising money for a good cause" along the way.

After a long and strenuous hike, we deserved a tasty treat! Okay so the hike really isn't too hard, but we stopped for Leonard's Malasadas regardless :) Teresa, Slynn, and Patty pose in front of the trademark sign. Here's your malasada lesson, should you be totally confused!

The store recently added this very informative sign and even includes suggestions on the most popular items. Way to go Leonards, surely this will help to speed up the ever-lasting line out the door!

Patty went with the cinnamon, Aunt Slynn the dobash (chocolate) filled malasada puff, and I went with my favorite Li Hing - which you can now clearly see is sweet and sour sugar, a local favorite! It's made with dried plums, in case you were wondering.

Teresa passed on the sugary treats and took this photo with clean fingers, which is more than we could say!

This was just the morning portion of a fun filled day, and only day 3 of 12 + of wedding festivities. Stay tuned for more...

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