Thursday, May 9, 2013

Food Tasting for Our Wedding

...because we're going to the Chapel and we're...gonna get maaaaaarried!

Then we'll leave the Chapel and head to a Historic Battleship for drinks, tours, dinner, and dancing. Among the other wedding planning items we've checked off of our list, the most fun was food tasting! Duh.

Because I'm also the Event Manager at our reception venue, I knew just who I wanted to do our catering: Gordon Biersch. Bryce and I headed down to their waterfront restaurant one evening after work for one of the most fun meals of our lives! Just weeks prior to this we'd seen a couple in a restaurant getting plate after little plate of varied items and they, too, were food tasting for their wedding. It's fun to be those people!

Our first pupus (appetizers) were crostini with smoked salmon and capers (left) and crab and artichoke spread (right)! The salmon was our favorite and Bryce deemed it "a must!"

The next item is one we've been very familiar with, in leftover form! There are times I get to try out some of the excess food from events at work and even fewer times when said grub makes it home to Bryce. We both adore these delectable little chicken wraps, even when they're hand-me-downs. Eating them just after they were prepared as a welcome upgrade and they tasted even better when served fresh! They have a great crunch which is due to the hidden water chestnuts - brilliant.

We quickly graduated to large plates and dinner menu items. I spy a happy camper groom!

This Cajun pasta with shrimp, chicken, and andouille sausage was packed with flavor! It carried the perfect amount of heat: just enough for a spice-lover like Bryce and not too much for a wimp like me.  

Our food tasting was a steadfast turtle for the first half - slow, steady, and winning the race. After the pasta we kicked into high-hare gear and went all out for an unsustainable amount of time! There were more plates than we had room for.

The chicken hibachi was saucy and good, according to my notes! Chicken is always a must-have and I also commented that it was safe. But hey, so was the turtle and he won.

We were becoming very full and didn't bother indulging in the plates that we didn't LOVE upon first bite. The other dinner dish worth mentioning is the short ribs and mashed potatoes. Comforting and delicious, plus those little crunchies on top are incredible!

Just when we thought we couldn't force another bite we were shocked and thrilled by what we brought to our table - cannolis! Notice that the lonesome beer on the table was hardly touched because of the food overload :)

The chef is actually from Italy and made these cannolis just for us! Like I do, he too got his shells from the store. The filling was sumptuous and so light. The orange zest was a pleasant surprise and felt like a nice hug from an old friend.

 I think this photo says it all: Happy Wife, Happy Life. Isn't that right, Bryce?!

We enjoyed every second of our food tasting and can't wait for the real deal with our friends and family just 4 months from now. Hopefully we'll actually get to eat that day so that all of our hard work and taste buds' research pays off!

Since I've told you all about the PROS of wedding planning, I should take this moment to mention the CON. My seamstress has told me twice not to gain any weight! I've been authorized to lose or maintain although I cannot gain.

Okay bridezilla, put down the cannoli and take a brisk walk! Stay tuned for continuing wedding fun.


  1. How fun! And cannot wait to hear more about the planning:) I love wedding related stuff!

  2. It looks like you two had so much fun! As for that seamstress of yours, put her out of your mind. Even for a food lover like me, I found myself so busy the last two or three weeks before our wedding that I actually forgot to eat lunch a few times. Plus, your dress will stretch after even 30 minutes wearing it. No worries :)

  3. Alyson, it was so fun! If only the rest of the planning were as enjoyable/tasty :) We're trying cakes soon - I have high hopes.

    Katy - We did! I'm not too concerned about what she said :P It's just a good reminder to share edible goodies with my soon-to-be hubby to cut back on caloric intake and continue to woo him!! AHAHA