Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bryn & Melany's Sweet Celebration

This weekend, Bryce and I traveled to Visalia, California for a wedding.  Bryce's cousin Bryn married his lovely wife Melany.

I was able to get the know the love birds back in October when they spent a week visiting us in Hawaii.  We had a great time together hanging out, hiking, going to the beach, and of course eating.  I fed them their first pierogies, we had a breakfast of delicious crepes with strawberries and chocolate sauce, discovered at a fantastic and adorable Italian restaurant in Waikiki, and so on.  Those two aren't afraid of good food!

So this weekend we celebrated their wedding and were able to feast on many sweet treats!  First, the rehearsal dinner was held at the cute little Italian restaurant where they got engaged.  Upon entering the back room, we came upon this:

It's made of cupcakes!  Did you guess it?  The gems weren't edible but the glitter was.  They're stuck on there with toothpicks and a foam ball.

Here's the bride and groom with their awesome dessert!

Each cupcake was different, mine was homemade fun-fetti, I think!

Before we left that same dinner, we were given 2 cake pops!  One bride and one groom.

I didn't realize the groom was turned the wrong way at the time, sorry!  They were so stinking cute it hurt.  Of course, I ate half of one before dropping the rest of it on the ground like a goof!  Oops.

Finally, we get to the best dessert of them all, the wedding cake.  It was made by an Aunt who sat at my dinner table.  I heard stories of freezing, moving, decorating, and so on.  The cake turned out beautifully!

It wasn't just pretty, though.  The flavors were alternating carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and yellow cake with chocolate filling!  I went for the chocolate option, of course.  Look at the detail - so elegant.

W for white, of course.

Congratulations to Bryn & Melany.  Thanks for the sugar rush.  Oh yeah, thanks for all the free drinks and dinners, too!

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  1. I LOOOVE the cupcake idea! Any idea what kind of icing was used? I'm impressed it didn't slide off since of them are almost upside down.