Thursday, October 13, 2011


Tonight I'm babysitting a sweet little girl named Claire. (That's right, I downloaded the blogger app for my phone!) Last week she passed up Pizza Hut to eat yogurt! Seriously? People have cults dedicated to secretly adding healthy foods in their kids food and she WANTS yogurt!

Tonight we had macaroni and cheese for dinner. Before it was ready she inhaled 2 servings of raspberries and wanted blueberries next! Parents - do you just let kids eat as much good-for-you foods as they'll take? I'll start taking notes now...

This post is not about the food we ate, but rather the food we made:
Pizza with tomatoes, a t-bone steak, a chicken leg, and broccoli!

It's all Play-Doh! The food options are so cool now. I remember having some contraption that squeezed out something like worms...or spaghetti, depending on my imagination that day.

Of course, before we even opened the cans, Claire exclaimed "I'm gonna eat Play-Doh!" Why is it so appealing to eat? Surely making the food look so cool and realistic doesn't help to deter it. Oh well, nobody ever died from eating too much Play-Doh right?

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