Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Assistant & Food Tester

Otherwise known as Bryce, my boyfriend!  I must say he's a lucky guy to reap the benefits of my food obsession!  He's been known to complain about a few extra pounds he's put on since we met, but I have no regrets.  "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach," right?

When we first started dating I suggested we cook and enjoy dinner together at his house.  His place at the time consisted of one health-conscious girl who ate her own grub, and 3 - 4 meat consuming men at any given time.  They would make a huge pot of brown rice and either A) ground beef or B) chicken with one condiment (BBQ sauce, buffalo sauce, ketchup, etc) every single night!  Gross.  So I selected a yummy/healthy recipe for whole wheat pasta with green beans & tomatoes, lemon, and ricotta cheese and we ate dinner together saving plenty for leftovers.  The next night I went over to find the boys eating the leftover pasta which they had added ground beef to!  Way to ruin the light and healthy recipe.

Needless to say, his food intake has changed a bit since then.  I do most of the cooking but I do ask for his help from time to time.  Who knew Bryce is fantastic at icing cakes?! 

He normally won't admit if he doesn't like something I've made, but he'll spend all day picking capers out of a dish!
Telling the mushrooms who's boss.

Enjoying some homemade mac & cheese.
Making deviled eggs on Easter!
Displaying some fried rice.

Taco night!

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