Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Brunch at Cafe Nola - Bainbridge Island, Washington

Hello my friends! Are you still there? Is this thing on ((taps microphone))? It's been entirely too long! Three months, you say? I am truly sorry. 

Things are going well although I have been quite busy. My career has kept me jammin'. Our house has undergone some serious remodeling, resulting in our using the small, dishwasher-less kitchen in our downstairs mother-in-law suite. I've completed 2 Italian language courses and have planned an adventure to Italia for next month. Excuses, excuses, right?

Not quite. Life has been hectic and crazy and AWESOME. I've considered quitting blogging. I've wanted to start a new blog altogether. I've oscillated between the two! Have I made a decision? No. Am I sure that I will keep eating, cooking, and writing in the future? Yes.

My goal is to make things a little more simple around here - write (more often) about delicious foods, post photos that make me happy, and keep myself laughing. Won't you check back again soon? For now, a sweet little post about brunching with babes...

From Seattle you can hop on a ferry boat and escape the city hustle and bustle for a more laid back lifestyle on any of the nearby stops or islands. We took the ferry on a grey Sunday morning over to Bainbridge Island to meet up with our friends for breakfast. 

We met at Cafe Nola, an adorable little restaurant that was buzzing with breakfast goers. I'd reviewed the menu before we arrived (doesn't everyone do that?) and had some items in mind. While waiting for our friends to arrive I was chatting with our waitress who highly recommended the most interesting dish called egg in clouds. They separate the yolk, then whip the egg whites and incorporate the chives and smoked bacon. The yolk is placed back on top and the whole thing is baked and sprinkled with pecorino cheese. It was like nothing I've ever eaten before! So many delicious breakfast staples in such an odd and wonderful structure.

We all shared an order of the bacon wrapped dates. They're stuffed with chorizo, drizzled with balsamic vinegar, and served with some crumbly cheese. Of course these were delectable and we were getting creative on ways to make sure the cheese stuck to the bacon boat before making a journey into our mouths!

The third and final of my many small plates was this grilled cantaloupe bruschetta with goat cheese, arugula, and hazelnuts. The bread was grilled, rather than toasted, and that's the way to go! It was totally unique and delicious. 

Finally, we shared a little creme brulee. Cracking into the shell is always the best part, aside from the great taste.

Everyone enjoyed breakfast, although each others' company was the best part! I used to babysit the now big girl/big sister back when we lived in Hawaii. Baby G and I met for the very first time that day but got along great :) Could they be any cuter?

The boys spent a little quality time together and that may or may not be dessert on the babe's face!

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