Sunday, May 4, 2014

Parents and the Pink Door

The last time that Carol and Mike were in Seattle was back in 1982, 4 years before I showed up to the party here on Earth. They came for a visit a few weeks ago. Within just a few hours of landing they ventured to the top of the Space Needle, posed near the Public Market sign at Pike Place Market, and we were off to dinner!

Their trip was scheduled around Easter and it happened to also be restaurant week in Seattle! Our first meal was at the Pink Door, a theatrical and charming Italian restaurant in the heart of Pike Place Market.

A friend of mine recommended the Pink Door back before we even moved to Seattle. You'd never stumble across the restaurant unknowingly, though! Start at the original Starbucks location - yep that one. Cough-cough-tourist!

 Just feet away from the infamous sign there is a teeny tiny little sign for the Pink Door. Do you see it there?

Just one creepy hand sign!

You enter a building filled with shops and hallways to find an unmarked door, painted light pink, on the secod floor. Opening that door is just like when Willy Wonka opens the door to the room with the gumdrop trees and chocolate waterfall - it's magical!

The interior is pretty small and your neighbors are nearby, although not too close. The decor is a little zany and 100% fun. They have tarot card readings, burleqsue shows, and aerialists performing inside the restaurant, but those are much later at night!

Drinks and photos were taken care of straight away! The red wine is served in small cups and water without ice cubes. That's how it goes in Italy, right? I'll confirm in August :)

These toasts and corresponding photos are becoming a tradition!

Most of us went with the restaurant week menu, enjoying three courses for just $28. My Mom just adored this celery, fennel, and mushroom salad with parmesan and lemon. Light and fresh.

My name was written all over the cheese platter! Three types of cheese + pairings [fig jam, pickled celery, and walnuts] and housemade crackers, which I didn't even need. Playing with your food is always the way to go and I mixed and matched every combination possible until it was all gone.

Bryce and I both couldn't resist the handmade pappardelle al ragu bolognese (pappardelle pasta with bolognese, slow simmered meat sauce). Just look at those parmesan shavings! The noodles were so delicate and perfect and, as you can imagine, made for even better leftovers. 

Mom went with the Pink Door lasagna, which is cra-zay because she never orders red sauce as a result of having it too often as a child growining up in a 100% Italian household. In addition to the marinara sauce, the layers of goodness also include fresh spinach pasta, b├ęchamel and pesto sauces. Mama ate her words along with the lasagna because she loved it!

My Dad isn't the biggest fan of Italian food but the Penn Cove clams and mussels opened up new opportunities for him, bahaha!

Last but certainly not least, my dessert was insanely delicious! It was a mocha cheesecake and it was TO DIE FOR. Seeing this photo makes me want to run down there, in my pink fuzzy robe and yoga pants, and get one to go. 

So I shared my little secret spot with my parents, and now you. The meal was delicious and just the beginning of our family shenanigans in Seattle! 

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