Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Olympia and King Solomon's Reef

Ohhhh blogs - they an ever changing beast, aren't they? As people bloggers go through different phases in life they often decide to rename or refresh their little corner of the internet, or start a new blog altogether. I feel 100% confident in my decision to focus on food and the memories tied to sharing food with loved ones and I don't think that's something I'll ever lose interest in. Everyone eats everyday and there's no changing that! 

Something I'm striving for here at Aloha Yinz Mangia is a better balance of recipe posts and adventures outside of my own kitchen. I'm not afraid to admit that reading food blogs isn't always the most entertaining thing to do. Sometimes you're too hungry to even look at food. Other times you just need a recipe and don't read all of the other fluff. There are even posts worth reading which contain a recipe that you know you'll never make, but you'll read and enjoy regardless. 

I love reading blogs and writing this little blog, my friends. Capturing meals and memories will never grow old, although sitting at a desk at 9 pm after having done so for 8+ hours earlier today isn't always a walk in the park, I'm always happy when I've posted another adventure or shared a delicious recipe.

All of that leads me to tonight's post. Lisa and I both began working aboard the Battleship Missouri (aka USS Missouri, Mighty Mo, BB-63) in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on the exact same day. She's loud, fun, and doesn't sit still so naturally our 8-hour-shift of orientation was made more fun as a result of her presence! We rode the shuttle bus onto base for weeks together while waiting for our background checks to go through, entertaining each other all the while! If there was ever a day where Lisa and I didn't quote Mean Girls together, I'll skip the Spring Fling. She eventually moved back to her hometown of Olympia, Washington and Bryce and I were able to visit with her a few weeks ago during our first trip to the Capital City.

Posing with that sign seems so sadly ironic for friends who met in Hawaii

Olympia couldn't be a more adorable little city!

Bryce was even lucky to find his own barber shop!

Lisa's current job is working at King Solomon's Reef, otherwise knows as the best diner in the galaxy! Their website shows a great photo flashback of the establishment on the same street.

Inside the restaurant the walls are painted a light, minty green with hilarious and friendly characters scattered about. There's plenty of seating in booths around the perimeter at belly-up at the counter. This spot is always popular although even more so just after last call at the bars nearby!

I'm not quite sure who King Solomon is but I know his menu cover is badass!

We met up for lunch and Lisa had a BLT with tots!

Bryce and I couldn't resist the flashy and unique menu offerings! He went for Noah’s Ark - roast beef, turkey, ham, and american cheese between two waffles with a bowl of clam chowder.

I selected with the Monte Carlo - texas toast french toast sandwiching, turkey, ham, swiss and american cheese, and served with jam and cream cheese, plus the minted apples. As usual, we liked our own items best and didn't want to switch!

Savory meats and cheeses + sweet french toast = oh hell yeah.

We all loved our respective sandwiches and Bryce had his heart set on a Nutella milkshake.

It was so great to reunite with Lisa and enjoy lunch with her at such a cool spot. Getting her employee discount didn't hurt either! 

Thanks Lisa, we'll be sure to visit you and Olympia again soon. Alooooooooha!

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