Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Chaslee's Birthday Butter Mochi

Hey y'all! Can you guess what this post is about?

It's Paula Deen's favorite food, y'all - BUTTER!

Here in Hawaii there exists a wonderful dessert called butter mochi. It's made mostly from sweet rice flour and eggs and resembles a baked custard. The flavor is rich, sweet, and heavenly. Butter Mochi's texture is the best part: sticky, super heavy, and slightly crispy on the edges. 

Sistah - you like try? No need one fork :)
Just a little pidgin (Hawaii slang) to let you know you don't need a fork!

It's a favorite dessert for both me and my colleague Chaslee. We usually share an order of butter mochi from our favorite lunch spot Koi, so when her birthday rolled around it was the only option for her celebratory sweet treat!

Luckily the grocery store closest to my house is asian-centric so mochiko flour and coconut milk were readily available! Please ignore that sweetened condensed milk and pretend it's sugar.

Butter Mochi
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Adapted from

dry ingredients
3.5 cups of mochiko flour (sweet rice flour)
2.5 cups of white sugar
2 tablespoons of baking powder

wet ingredients
5 eggs
1 teaspoon of coconut extract
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
2 cups of milk
14 ounces of coconut milk
4 ounces of melted butter

First, spray your 9" x 13" pan with non-stick spray and preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.

In a large bowl, whisk together the dry ingredients.

In another bowl, combine the eggs, coconut extract, and vanilla extract and beat to combine. Using your arm and a spoon, versus a mixer, really does the trick for this recipe!

Whisk the milk, coconut milk, and melted butter into the egg mixture to complete the wet ingredients.

Add the flour mixture to the wet ingredients in small quantities, whisking to combine each time. 

Once smooth, pour the batter into your dish and bake for 1 hour!

I can believe it's real butter, although there were a few things I couldn't believe while baking this:

  1. This recipe used only ONE stick of butter (yes seriously)
  2. It made a huge amount of batter, which thankfully didn't rise much or I'd have a giant mochi mess in my oven!
After an hour it was cooked to golden brown perfection! Butter Mochi may look like a standard yellow cake but it's highly superior because it requires no additional frills to be delicious [I HATE frosting cakes], is a utensil free dessert, doesn't produce crumbs, and is much, much more tasty and unique.

The edges are the best part. Should I make this recipe again I'll use many smaller vessels so that there are more edges and corners to enjoy!

It was challenging but I resisted the urge to try some {while also keeping Bryce away from sampling} before gifting the Butter Mochi to Chaslee at work today. It made it easier to stay away knowing that she'd share with me later. 

She was really excited when I walked into our office and dropped a large container of sugary delight onto her desk! It wasn't 9:15 this morning and she'd already declared it was time to eat some, that's my girl! Insert predictable joke about getting lei'd at work here - yes I am on to your lame jokes.

We each had a piece of Butter Mochi for breakfast then had Koi for lunch before enjoying another piece ray of sunshine!

This recipe is exactly what I had hoped for! Just the right chewy consistency and delicious flavors. The whole can of coconut milk is intimidating but don't fear - the coconutty flavor is subtle and warm.

Important note: Rumor has it that butter mochi should NOT be refrigerated or frozen.

Happy Birthday Chas. Here's hoping your year is full of Butter Mochi and many other sweet surprises like a dozen boogie cookie robots!

Mainland friends - what do you think? Would you try butter mochi or have you heard of it? Do you have these ingredients in your stores?

Hawaii friends - where you do find the BEST butter mochi?


  1. I, too, loathe frosting and decorating cakes, so this is right up my alley. Printed and ready to make. Thanks, Ang! :)

  2. Katy you're awesome! I'm glad I stayed up late making the printable now :) let me know where you're able to find mochiko flour. Just this week I watched a special on grocery stores (exciting right?) and GE's Market District was the star of the show! I bet they've got it!

  3. Wow - this looks and sounds amazing.

  4. Thanks Val! It's slightly (severly!) different from your healthy items :) Calories don't count on birthdays, right?

  5. i don"t use coconut extract when baking butter mochi !! , I use 1 can of coconut milk n 1 can of evaporated milk n walla , perfect Butter Mochi with the taste of coconut flavor n other regular ingredients !!, just baked a pan this past Saturday for our twin"s grandson"s 17th birthday n as alway's 100% n mochi was demolished by the crowd <3 been using this same recipe since 18 years old when I got into baking mode , lol .

    1. my profile name is not Anonymous !, just clicked on that spot for the hell of it , ha ha ha . I am sakanya , born raised in Kalihi , Hawaii I do not use coconut extract as mentioned above , welcome any remarks or comments on this butter mochi , Mahalo .

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