Monday, June 11, 2012

The Best Thing I Ever Ate

The whole purpose of my blog is to give the Food Network executives a way to find out about me, fall in love with my incredible sense of humor and passion for food, and promptly hire me to be their next TV show celeb! When that day comes my loyal blog readers will be graciously rewarded with awesome trips to restaurants around the world, "surprise" visits on the show, and all the perks of "being a good friend before I made it big!"

In the meantime, I'll continue to blog and watch the network casually. One of my favorite shows is The Best Thing I Ever Ate

Thanks to my Yelp Elite status, I was able to experience my very own "Best Thing I Ever Ate" moment just last week. 

It all began at the Fashionistas and Foodies Dine-Around at the Royal Hawaiian Center in Waikiki.

The event was just that: eat, shop, repeat. Per my future diva status, I'm typically 5 - 10 minutes late for everything. I missed the cocktail reception and the group's departure for the first stop - the Five Star International Buffett. I enjoyed my welcome drink all by my lonesome and considered going home. BOY am I glad I didn't! The drink gave me enough courage to make friends at this you-can't-bring-a-plus-one-event and led me to THE BEST THING I EVER ATE.

Vodka and club soda with a splash of cranberry for one, please!

I caught up with my group on their second stop - Legends in Concert Waikiki. We toured the awesome venue and took a pit stop in the green room! Upon entering the ultra chic room we were greeted with some delicious treats: lobster salad and chocolate truffles rolled in mac nuts!

Decadent seafood and sweet chocolate are typically my vices of choice, although I would be proven wrong later on in the evening...

While in the green room we sat and chatted in their fancy furniture (shown above). We were served this  mini meal on a spoon - genius! Steak, potatoes, and carrot.

As clever and cool as it seems...

...there were used spoons everywhere when we were done!

I met Elvis. YES, the real one :) I asked him if Forrest Gump truly taught him to dance and he said "of course!"

I'm pretty sure we bypassed the next store to use the ladies room, then we walked into Wolfgang's Steakhouse, where my life would forever be changed! You can see that my group members were some of the first to arrive to the swanky room overlooking Waikiki's strip.

First we enjoyed Wolfgang's homemade chips. Crunchy and highly addictive. If the sauce was for them it wasn't necessary! Nobody touched it.

Then came the wine! Ohhhh the wine. Every sip taken brought a friendly waiter to refill. It's how I imagine heaven. I later found out that the wine we were drinking is called "The Ball Buster" by TAIT.

Must. Have. More.

The manager of the restaurant, Bill Nickerson, gave us a brief introduction to Wolfgang's and what makes their restaurant so great.

I'll be honest with you: I ignorantly assumed thought this was a step up from the Wolfgang Puck Express just down the road. BOY OH BOY was I wrong. 

Wolfgang's is a steakhouse that's among the ranks of Ruth Chris and Mortons. They have locations in Waikiki, Beverly Hills, Times Square, and so on. According to Bill, our new BFF, Wolfgang's uses only the best prime steaks and dry ages the meat themselves, in house! The quality is even better than the other steakhouse heavy hitters.

This piping hot plate was brought to us while he was still speaking and we all politely waited our turn to dig in. "You go first." "Oh no, go ahead." "Please, after you!" Had I known what I was about to experience, I would have cut the friendly crap and moved the whole platter in front of me, digging in like a mass murderer eating their last meal before for the chair!

It was truly the BEST THING I EVER ATE. The meat was more rare/red than I typically enjoy but I knew enough to trust the expertise at hand. It was tender, savory, and filled with delicious, decadent flavors. If this is steak then what I've been calling by the same name for 26 years is NOT from the same animal. The texture was unlike anything I have ever experienced before. 

All of our forced manners went right out the window, we were all in HEAVEN. Mouthfuls of "Ohmygosh this is soooo good", and hand serving a bunch of strangers (ok - new friends) seconds like a proud Italian Mama around the Sunday dinner table! We are all now best friends after sharing the best meal of our lives together!

What we ate was Wolfgang's Steak for 2. It's a Porter House steak with the fillet on the left and sirloin on the right. Our side dishes were rich, creamy mashed potatoes and incredible creamed spinach. Yes - incredible spinach. The flavors and sips of wine created a vortex of sensory overload and not another photo was taken, unfortunately for the blog.

This meal redefined what eating means to me! As I mentioned, my indulgences of choice are typically seafood and chocolate, but this steak was a total game changer. I literally woke up the next morning thinking about and craving more steak. Bryce is a red meat fanatic and we will be returning as my belated graduation gift to him. Even then, I'll be so consumed with enjoying the best food on Earth and probably won't take photos!

Food Network - please accept this blog post as my interest/audition for your next opening! I'm available anytime for a formal interview :)


  1. WOW Sounds great....the best thing I ever ate was just a few weeks ago in New Orleans at Brightson's restaurant....The Shrimp Remoulade appetizer....mmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!

  2. Regardless of how early in the morning it is, I now want steak. And I'm not a steak girl at heart (seafood does it for me!). I feel as though I was there, too!

  3. I'm not a steak girl, either! This really rocked my socks off :)