Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Melissa's Baby BASHower

Originally, 2011 was the year of weddings. Bryce and I were invited to 8 just this year! Little did we know it would also become the year of babies. My best friend Jamie and her husband Nick (who have been together since we were sophomores in high school!) had Brody in June, and now I have 4 other friends who are expecting! So technically 2012 will be the year they're all born but whatever...

I'm completely overjoyed by all of the giant life changes and extreme happiness that our friends are encountering this year, and enjoying being a part of it all... and the food! Plus, by the time I'm married and ready to create an offspring, said baby will have so many friends and I'll have so many experienced parent-friends!

Just a few weeks ago I threw a baby shower for Christine, and as soon as that was over I got this adorable invitation for a shower for another friend - Melissa! She and 2 of her friends started an event planning company called BASH events and this shower was as fabulous and over-the-top as one would expect from a group of event planners.

I'd only been to Morimoto once before with the Bitches Who Brunch, and Melissa was with me! When we arrived on Sunday morning we basically had the whole (gorgeous) restaurant to ourselves.

Each guest was welcomed with an adorable chocolate cigar, a red velvet cupcake complete with cutesy saying, and place card...

Plus this adorable menu that matched the invitation! There was so much going on that I didn't actually stop and read it so I was shocked and excited each time a new food or beverage option was available.

A variety of 3 pastries were on the table when we arrived - my guesses are an iced scone (my least favorite, a little too dry!), a delicious almond cake (my favorite!), and a nut/cream cheese loaf (the second best).

There was also a beautiful and refreshing variety of fresh fruit. Don't let me act like I actually ate fruit when I had so many other options! We enjoyed coffee, pastries, fruit, and a lot of gab for quite some time :)

One of the activities was to create the pages of the baby's first alphabet book by drawing pictures to correspond with each letter/page. I took it upon myself to be the first to tell baby Leo about food. Please excuse my terrible artistic talent, that's why I scrapbook, cook, and blog!

I would have been fine with pastries, fruit, and coffee all morning but it got so, so much better. I suppose when the guest of honor can't indulge in anything but food, it's going to be done right! This salmon eggs Benedict with asparagus was the absolute greatest item of the whole day. The hollandaise sauce was incredible and I couldn't get enough.

The Chef's Loco Moco, made with wagyu beef, was the best I've ever had! Mental note: post about this Hawaii favorite dish soon!

The pancakes with macadamia nuts looked great but I was just too full to have anything else! 

Half of the ladies freaked out in excitement when these tiny and darling tabasco bottles were put on the table - the other half busted out in laughter because those military wives/girlfriends are familiar with these mini tabascos that come in MREs!

In addition to all that lovely food we were all able to chose a blueberry or orange mimosa. (I had orange.) Here's me and the glowing Mom-to-be! Remember I told you about the open lei?

Here's the whole group!

And us "Becker Girls", past and present!

A morning filled with great friends, great food, cute gifts, and a sweet baby boy on the way - what more could you ask for?

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