Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It Ain't Easy Being Cheesy


I like to cook nice dinners on Sunday nights.  Now it's football season and most Steelers games take place at 7 am in Hawaii, so I spend my morning drinking bloody marys, eating fatty and delicious restaurant food, and screaming at the TV.  After mornings like that, a relaxing dinner is usually the perfect way to end the weekend.  (I miss the days of Sunday dinners in Palolo!)

There is a scene in Julie and Julia where Julie makes bruschetta and it looks amazing.  I've eaten bruschetta before but never made it, so I dug out my new BFF, the Better Homes and Gardens cook book and gave their bruschetta recipe a try.  I used some fresh basil from our plant - which our neighbor gave us when she left.  The fresh chives added a little kick and the contrast of cool veggies with the crunchy toast was perfect!  Keeping the stuff on the little slivers of bread was a challenge and a mess, making dinner more fun :)

The main dish was homemade macaroni and cheese, sorry Cheesasaurus Rex!  Last year for "our" Christmas dinner together I made a different homemade mac recipe for Bryce and I and it left something to be desired...  This recipe used cheddar, asiago, and parmesean cheeses, was easier to make, and tasted MUCH better.  The toasted breadcrumbs on top are the best part.  We ate the leftovers all week long!  It ain't easy being cheesy!

Bruschetta with basil from our plant!

Macaroni and Cheese

Macaroni and Cheese


  1. I miss Sunday dinners in Palolo too. :-/

    Isn't fresh basil the best? I have a little basil plant that I've managed to keep alive and I love using the fresh basil in recipes. So yummy.

    Send me that mac and cheese recipe!

    PS - This is Brooke. I can never remember my login for this thing!

  2. I knew you would comment, esp on the Palolo fam dinners! I think we need to have another Vegas reunion ASAP! Oh yes... you're getting married so we'll do that instead :)

    Fresh basil = great. I'm trying to keep the plant alive and I got an eggplant plant, too!

    Miss you xoxo