Monday, June 14, 2010


Last week I watched Julie & Julia for the first time. It was kind of like "drinking the Kool-Aid" for me and it took my cooking/food obsession to a whole new level (hence my finally starting this blog)! I have all these crazy ideas of cooking my way through all of my cook books OR trying everything in Good Eats! For now, I decided to try a challenging recipe I'd never made before: lasagna.

Bryce and I went to the commissary with a loooong list for the week, plus all the ingredients for both tomato and bechamel sauces and the lasagna itself. I started cooking at 3:15 p.m. and the lasagna finally made it into the oven at 5:45p.m.! It baked for 45 minutes, all of which I spent doing the 839023 dishes (did I mention we don't have a dishwasher?!) We finally sat down to eat and it was DELICIOUS! It could have used a little bit more sauce, but overall it was a success. I added extra ricotta (the recipe called for 1.5 lbs and I bought 2, who doesn't like more cheese.) and used a little bit less spinach than the recipe called for. I will surely make this again, but next time I'll make the sauces in advance and prepare the lasagna another day!

Here's the recipe.

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