Saturday, August 1, 2015

[After] The Green Kitchen

Have you been holding your breath anxiously awaiting the after photos of our crazy apple wallpaper kitchen? Believe me, I was anxious to remove the colorful fruits and put my own touch on the kitchen. Please enjoy the photos of our apple turned GREEN kitchen!

The mini-makeover consisted of removing the border and wallpaper then priming and painting. It's amazing what a can (or two) of paint can do!

Our home and kitchen are certainly lived-in. I'm not one of those people who can't stand the sight of clutter, but having so many cabinets surely makes keeping the counters reasonably clear and clean. 

Remember I'd mentioned the faucet explosion? The upgrade was our very first unexpected home expense! We have been living for years without a microwave and that little nook became a perfect place for my favorite cook books.

Clearly red is my accent color but I think it has gone a little overboard in recent years! I'm trying to tone it down a bit and include a little more white and teal. The best kitchen towels ever are the 2-pack from Target - they're large and super absorbent.

Something I often think about are the little spots of counter on either side of the stove and if they make sense. Neither side is large enough for a whole plate or cutting board to fit so my thought is that it may be better to have a wider counter on just one side. Is that weird? Functional? Brilliant?! 

This is the largest wall space and I can't tell you how much more nice and normal it looks. Between my Mom and I we've put some sort of "Mangia Mangia" sign in kitchens for at least a decade!

Thanks for touring our kitchen and the House with the Fig Tree!

It's looking much better than it did in November! (Photo taken on Memorial Day.)

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